About us

FlexMindset aims to help you ace that interview, get your dream job, and/or live the life you’ve always wanted by providing an easily accessible platform for building personalized mentoring and knowledge-sharing relationships with maximum flexibility in choice of mentors, application dates, and meeting options. Our mission encompasses all walks of life and areas of the world – we can help each other to overcome challenges and reach the next level of success, no matter how tough it may be.

We believe that building mentoring and knowledge-sharing relationships help us train ourselves to have a more flexible mindset (the origin of the website name) so that we can all lead a more productive and healthy life.

To accomplish this, we need an amazing team! Here are our core values for our team members and business partners:

  1. Respect all beings – We will treat each other with respect, kindness, and compassion. An example of this is if there is a disagreement, we will still be able to respect each other’s point of view, and can work together to resolve our differences. This is a safe, supportive environment for learning, and it’s okay to make mistakes (as long as we learn from them.)
  2. Strive for excellence – We’re not going for second best or a watered down version of best – we’re going for The Absolute Best we can give. If you see a way that something can be improved (even if it is ok right now), then you can go ahead and make the extra effort to improve it.
  3. Build a flexible mindset – We need to keep an open mind towards learning from others, and be able to look at situations from different angles. Since our website name and core belief is all about training a flexible mindset through mentoring and knowledge-sharing, we’re going to be role models for applying these concepts in ourselves.
  4. Work harder to overcome challenges – There’s going to be challenges ahead – count on it. The only thing that will allow us to overcome these challenges is to work harder (or smarter, depending on the case.) Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
  5. Remember to have fun and smile! This is self-explanatory. 🙂